Monday, February 26, 2007

Mr. Plow

Well I started my portion of today (the time after dropping off Dean at school and before picking him up and not a day I myself have to be at work) feeling all mighty and athletic -- shoveling the 250-foot-plus long driveway of last night's snow. But Mr. Plow showed up about 15 minutes into it, and while I hate spending the $ on plow service, it was a gift to get the two hours back that it would have taken me to shovel. Now I'm trying to convince myself to keep going on my cleaning up project -- cleaning up the spare bedroom I use for all my crafts and computing and everything. It's tough because it's not merely a case of needing to make the room look all right, but it really has to be about pulling everything apart, sorting, organizing, discarding, and putting back. Horrifying. I wish I were better at the discarding part, and at the not-buying-all-this-stuff-in-the-first-place part, but I've got miles to go on that front. I think I'm on the road to not buying more just out of utter disgust for all that I have (I was trying to think, yesterday, if there's a name for this condition and all I could come up with was, "American"). Any ideas why I bought a pair of bamboo #2 knitting needles, 13" long?

But since I still have to think about starting my next hundred projects, I give you this little house, above. From an alphabet puzzle set I saved from my childhood because even back then I adored the images. I want to print some of these out on fabric sheets and sew them into little pins. 'Course I just had this painful moment, thinking of all the pins in all my various jewelry boxes that haven't seen the light of day for years. Just have to shake it off -- too depressing.

Listening to Rusted Root Send Me on My Way (popularized in the movie Ice Age) -- so on my way I go, back to the cleaning....

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