Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Long days spent just hanging out, thinking just a little about what to do next. I'd like to be on the water, or near the water; silly that we can live about 50 miles from the coast and still have that be so difficult to achieve. (Of course the real problem is that EVERYONE wants to be near the water at this time of year.)

Dean appreciates the lack of motion, of time spent driving, of having a time that we have to be somewhere. He's been waiting for this part of summer when he's home. So I'm trying to sit back and enjoy it, too. Taking it for what it is and not wringing my hands over what could be.

While I'm here, I'll mention that I highly recommend Hotel on the Corner of Bitter and Sweet; on the one hand, a somewhat predictable story. On the other hand, so entirely refreshing to read about someone's life story that's manageable, understandable, imaginable -- and eye-opening to read an account of the internment of the Japanese during WWII.

Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm so moved by this gift from my garden. I did not plant morning glory seeds this year; I would have liked to but as happens with so many things, good intentions did not result in the thing's being done. But somehow, some miraculous how, this single vine came up. Did it re-seed from last year, or was it a seed that laid dormant until now?

I noticed it there, I coaxed it onto the post where it could climb, and every now and then I have a day that starts like this, with a morning glory singing to me. And if that were not enough, the hummingbirds are back.