Friday, August 5, 2011


I'm so moved by this gift from my garden. I did not plant morning glory seeds this year; I would have liked to but as happens with so many things, good intentions did not result in the thing's being done. But somehow, some miraculous how, this single vine came up. Did it re-seed from last year, or was it a seed that laid dormant until now?

I noticed it there, I coaxed it onto the post where it could climb, and every now and then I have a day that starts like this, with a morning glory singing to me. And if that were not enough, the hummingbirds are back.


judy in ky said...

Hi Jennifer, I found you through Chicken blog. I like your title, and the way it came about. Sometimes very little kids surprise you with their vocabulary. I love it when that happens! I was once playing house with my five-year old niece. She pretended to be a visitor and knocked on the door. I said "who's there?" and she answered "Louis Armstrong".

Juddie said...

Beautiful! What a lovely discovery! I love Morning Glory, but unfortunately I can't plant it here as it's a declared weed. So pretty though!

Thinking of you as delicate budbursts and sprouts of fresh green announce the beginning of Spring here; Summer summer must be starting to slide into Autumn for you ....