Friday, October 31, 2008

Happy Halloween!

Dean as Legolas.
The inspiration.

Dean wasn't too much in the mood for pictures this morning, so we're going to have to go back out, before trick or treating, and with the inspiration photo in hand do some more accurate reenactments. For the record, I offered but he refused the long hair and pointed ears and even the quiver (although I am going to ask him to hold the bow WITH an arrow for the official photo). Oh, you aren't a Lord of the Rings fan? Legolas is the elven archer -- swift and bold and true. Dean's telling those who are not in the know that he's a medieval archer, just to simplify things.

So, yeah, we're back. Been back for a week. In body, anyway. I feel I've been going waaay past my own personal speed limit since re-entry and honestly have not had a single moment til now to sit down here to post. My goal is to write a nice, long, juicy, photo-laden entry about the trip this weekend. It was wonderful and I'm very sorry to be back home, back to work. It feels as though everything just takes so much effort right now and it's true -- the house is a horrific mess so I can't find things and am not nearly done with unpacking nor laundry. I'd say this could be the pinacle, to-date, of my lack of organization and control. I don't like living with this degree of chaos but don't have enough time or energy to give to the digging out process; it's making me crazy so I hope I can get it together fairly soon. But hey, I got the costume done and he's happy with it.


Lesley said...

Welcome back! Love that Legolas!

Natalie said...

Happy Halloween!