Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Oh nine oh nine oh nine!

Couldn't let the date slide by, inasmuch as I've let so many others do just that.

No mix of lame/legitimate excuses, just forging ahead.

With about eleventy million things to catch up on, I begin with some of the most important:

Can you believe I get to say the words, "this is the quilt I won from Gina!"? I still can't believe I get to say those words, and I always refer to it as 'Gina's quilt' because I haven't gotten my head around the fact that I could call it my quilt that Gina made. Dean took the photo and I realize that while he did a fine job, I'll owe you some detail shots because this is truly a thing of beauty. Gina, I can never thank you enough!

Next, I get to say that this was Dean's "best first day of school EVER," because that's what he says. Nothing better than having him so totally love his school, his teacher, his friends. And what a luxury to have Ken home with us after school to enjoy the perfect afternoon.

Even Biscuit is just happy to be alive. More soon -- I promise.


Carin said...

Gina is something else isn't she. Its a lovely quilt. You all look so happy.

Julie said...

Such a feel good post. :) The quilt is lovely, you lucky girl!

Laura Jane said...

What a happiness-filled post!

And those photos are great! Such a happy family.


Gina said...

What a lovely upbeat post. I'm so glad that you like YOUR quilt.

It's great that Dean loves school. Gemma is going through the 'I hate every thing about school' phase at the moment. She'll get over it in a month or two. She always does

Love and hugs GIna xxx

Lesley said...

Oh lucky oh lucky oh lovely!
Wonderful quilt to win!
I love Gina's work.
I'm so glad you've all had a happy family summer. I love reading about all you guys get up to.

Juddie said...

Yay! Great news for you both! (and I just adore Biscuit ...)

Carol VR said...

If ever you tire of the quilt, Gina said I could snatch it from ya...LOL