Monday, August 30, 2010

Not conceding

I know that there are some sports, some contests in which it is considered in good form to concede before the match is over -- that, rather than playing it out to the bitter end, you are supposed to graciously accept that you cannot win and concede your loss. As much as I try to be a good sport, and person of graciousness, I struggle a little with that concept. Aren't you always supposed to try, right up until the end? Never surrender?

I am trying to figure out to be gracious about today. I have to go back to work today, and I do not want to. I do not want to concede that my summer is over. I do not want to call this the start of the new school year. I am hiding behind Dean, given that the official kids-return start of school isn't for another 10 days. If he's still on summer vacation, then I can live through him a little, even as I sit through a week of meetings.

We took every pleasure where we could this summer, Dean and I. Turning a trip to the car dealership for repairs into an excuse for Frappucinos and cinnamon-y breakfast cakes. Stopping spontaneously to bowl a frame after buying a new pair of soccer cleats. Sleeping in, staying up late, reading a good book straight through.

We took Ken along for the ride when he could break away from work, including a trip to Boston for a Cirque du Soleil show.

We've got a few more things up our collective short sleeves before we call this one done. Maybe I should put a little sand in my shoes before I put them on this morning, just to help me keep pretending.


Natalie said...

If we cannot have more summer, then at least we should have the freedom to keep a little sand in our shoes, and schemes up our sleeves.
And sleep!
And spontaneous play!
Long live!

Anonymous said...

It doesn't help that the shops start showing winter clothes on August 1 and forget about trying to pick up any white capris on sale. Winter comes fast enough without any help from retailers. It'll soon be September - time for the Christmas decorations!
Your blog is such a delight, Jennifer -

Shirley Pickthorne-Elliott said...

I got bogged down trying to sign off my Comment above, Jennifer. I should have signed it Shirley Pickthorne-Elliott!