Sunday, November 11, 2012



Almost time to go get dinner into the oven, but a moment here first. The days, weeks, months fill more quickly than I can grasp; I know it is the result of my own choices, of our choices that we make, and that for now I don't seem to have a better idea of what to do with my time.

We continue to settle in to our place. I'm struck by how, as we have our first each of the holidays, we figure out how to make this our home. There weren't as many ways to use our Halloween luminaria (one), so I bundled them onto our windowsill and we luxuriated in their glow.  Snow has fallen already (two), but with warm sunny days since that hardly seems true. The soccer season has ended, and now with the way high school sports work there won't be a competitive spring season (he'll play recreational soccer at school); I loved the aerial look to the game that day (three)....

And four. Four. No more leaves (the hurricane took care of that), heavy, substantial clouds hang low, warm sunny afternoons get cold quickly -- as soon as the shadows fall.

Still surrounded by boxes, at least in the private spaces -- here I am at this moment (forgot how much fun PhotoBooth is!). Someday this will really be study? studio? When, I suppose, I decide it's important enough to spend time and a little money on getting it together. Not sure what I'm waiting for.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

One, two, three, four... five is a real treat! Hello, friend.
You've had a whirlwind of a season... I hope we find ways to s l o w everything down... enough to really appreciate a happy holiday season.
Warm hugs, from my (unfinished) office to yours.

Juddie said...

Thinking of you, as you settle in to your new home with each 'first' of the seasons and as the days get colder... I hope you enjoy countless happy moments in your new space (both physical and emotional).

Over here we're already missing the vibrancy of spring, as the weather heats up, grass dries out, and we struggle to be comfortable on warm, still nights .... Oh, to celebrate the end of the year in a snowy climate!