Friday, September 27, 2013

September twenty seven

(Click on photo for full image.)

My friend Polly is wondering who else might still be playing along, trying or practicing or perfecting something for 30 days.  Doesn't matter if you've been on top of every day, but have you been having some fun that you'd like to share?

I'm glad to see the end on the horizon, as much as I have enjoyed these 27 days of photography.  It does sometimes feel burdensome, either in the taking or the posting (or the thinking about or the adding it to the to-do list), but to have the body of work to look at and ponder -- that's where the beauty of really pushing yourself to do a thing every day really pays off.  Thinking about whether or not to continue, or to try something different, or -- bold thinking -- to continue and ADD something.  Natalie would be proud....


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Proud, indeed.
I definitely want to continue... if I should add something, it would be a good idea to consider time limits: "Sew every day, but not all day." I think I have stumbled upon some seriously obsessive tendencies in my love of sewing! The house is a wee bit neglected. On the other hand, I feel happy, and successful... and I love knowing there is something satisfying and productive to do, when I might otherwise zone out and have nothing to show for it.

I hope you are inspired to recommit to thirty days of something, because above all, I love sharing this connection with you, and your days.

Polly Brown said...

I love this photo of the leftovers from some critter's lunch, which is simultaneously a wonderful composition. Such a great "body of work"! My own resolve, to do some yoga every day faithfully, swerved a little, at the end of the month, and turned into a tiny bit of yoga and really a lot of very meditative bicycling. For October, I'm trying to do something challenging that I've postponed, every day, even if it's small. Replacing a very worn out toilet seat; beginning a particularly overwhelming sorting job; learning how to put windshield washer fluid in my car. None of these small on my personal radar; I'll have to see what small can mean. And love Natalie's comment about time limits. And hope that you'll keep using the blog to share whatever you do. Maybe you've already done that! (I'm catching up.)