Wednesday, October 2, 2013

And on

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I stopped carrying my camera with me today, because it is heavy and I already had a lot to transport to and from work and and and.  And I missed the opportunity to take a photo of the incredible praying mantis that was hanging out on a bush just outside my office door. So THAT tells me something....

I have an idea about doing some little something of clean up in my studio every day for the next thirty days, but the count will not coincide with the calendar because I don't quite have it in me to jump in yet.  I type that and instantly feel lame; I do just need to do it. Kind of so much to juggle every day in life already -- we're in one of those "just need to make it through the next couple of weeks" mode with a zillion things going on for each of us and me feeling in the center needing to hold it all together for every one.

Right. And that's really what's at the heart, for me, about the challenge of choosing to do something every day that will feel positively productive. I will try. I will start now, and I will try. And meanwhile I will see about remembering to carry my camera with me.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Gah! Must you be so awesome!? And inspiring!?
Your challenge would definitely be the "right" thing for me to sign on for... seriously challenging, seriously needed. Sigh.
As for 'feeling in the center, holding all together for everyone...' I wonder if we could do with some relief from being quite so essential? Speaking for myself: yes!
How many times have I consciously decided "no camera today," and missed something amazing? Oy~
I want to make my thirtieth day challenge post, but today I retired from blogging forever and ever... as part of my regular protest against feeling pointless and feeble, which means this is temporary, and I will crawl back in a matter of days (or hours).
Happy October, friend. Thank you for letting me use this space for a bit of unloading, btw.

Jennifer said...

Oh Natalie. I, like so many others, do count on you to be there on your blog, telling us your stories and keeping us inspired. I guess those blogging blahs must just be an inherent part of the cyclical process, a part of the caring about it all so much. We women at the centers need to bolster each other up and to remind each other that as noble as our central work is, we still need to make those moments for ourselves; battery-recharging, if nothing else. I'm hoping, meanwhile, that even three or four minutes of putting things away and tossing things out in my studio will help recharge me in major ways once I start to make a dent....