Sunday, June 22, 2008

'M' is for 'Maine'

Everyone should have access to a place that feels like heaven on Earth. For us, living in New England, our own slice of heaven is Maine. We're back from our annual visit and while I'm wading through puddles of laundry and mountains of mail (virtual and physical), I'm reflecting on our week and trying to secure certain memories -- moments, really. Moments of beauty and calm and a sense of connection -- to family, to friends, to a place.

This is a view from the Ocean Trail at Acadia National Park, on Mount Desert Island. It's a pretty classic view of Maine -- ocean, rocky shoreline, pine trees. Imagine birdsong, a fresh breeze, salty air, and lobster rolls for lunch.
Our friends Ann and Rory came over from Ireland to visit, and so they were our companions on the trip. Maine and Ireland -- the coasts, anyway -- do have a lot in common, and we imagined Ireland over across the ocean. We take turns; every few years we go to see them, and then they come to see us. We pick up pretty seamlessly, right where we left off, which I believe is a sign of true friendship.
The fog hides the fact that Dean is on top of the highest mountain on the east coast (Cadillac Mountain); the curtain lifted enough to be able to show our friends a bit of the view.
And meanwhile, the ABC-Along 2008 marches on, with 'm,' and
Mountain Holly.

And I'm off to walk the dog and see to today's list of catching up and preparing for the stretch of summer we've earned. We've been completely captivated by Euro 2008; we're sorry to see our beloved Netherlanders fall to Russia but still look forward to a rainy afternoon here so we can watch Spain v. Italy without guilt


Lil D said...

It looks like a beautiful place. I love seeing old friends and just settling right back into the old flow. I was homesick for weeks after my last trip home, as I had had such a great time seeing my friends.

Nicole said...

Sometimes, I wonder why I stay in Maine when it's so hard to find well paying work, afford homes, etc. And you just reminded me why I stay. Glad you had a good time!