Sunday, April 12, 2009


A joyous Easter to you, or happy Sunday, happy Spring, happy Autumn; whatever it is about this day for you, I hope you have cause for happiness and reflection and chocolate.

We head out in a little while to meet Ken's parents, brother, etc., at a restaurant. I'm not fond of holiday meals taken at restaurants, and if you aren't already hip to this let me warn you -- ANY New England restaurant with the word "Publick" in it, or any other Colonial-esque spelling, should be avoided at all costs. I can just see the pewter mugs now. I know you can't tell from this that I am trying not to have a bad attitude, but I am.

We didn't let the lack of our own Easter stop us from coloring eggs, or straining our ears in the night to hear the Easter Bunny. Today the sun is shining, which is a vast improvement over yesterday's rain, rain, rain.

We did manage to get the season opener in, first thing in the morning, though. A valiant effort in cold, windy drizzle.

We'll get 'em next time. It's never a good sign when the opposing team has jerseys with their names on the backs....


Natalie said...

Happy Easter and Spring and I hope chocolate--- the good stuff--- comes your way.
I do sympathize on the other point ;-)

KristenMary said...

Hey Jennifer,
This is totally not related to your post at all but I wasn't sure how to send you a note. :-) I just started reading a book and thought of you and Dean and how much you guys would like it (If you haven't already read it!) It is called Wolf Brother by Michelle Paver. I am actually listening to the audiobook in the car to and from work and it is read by Ian McKellen and it is SO good! I find myself taking the long way so I can listen a little bit longer. Thought I'd send a note because I know how much you like reading.

Take care!
Kristen Mary