Sunday, April 5, 2009

Kind of a list

Dean turned 11 yesterday. It's a simple enough thing on the surface; people celebrate birthdays everyday. But how monumental this passage of time is to me, I can barely begin to express.

My computer is struggling to keep afloat with all I've got loaded on it. It's making it hard to do much here, since every time I download photos from my camera I have to wonder if the old girl is going to be able to hang on. Ken promises me we can try to switch machines but there's so much backing up and saving and moving to be done first -- it's like moving house.

I feel very out-of-touch here. I need to get out to all of your blogs, to catch up with what's been happening with you, and figure out what it is that's been happening with me.

We go to Chicago for a few days mid-month, and I've got a list of things to do and people to see that would take a month. I just want to feel the way it feels to be there. Home.


Natalie said...

Happy birthday... to the both of you.
I have been out of touch too, so your post feels quite familiar.
Wish we could hit *pause.*

Lesley said...

Happy birthday to Dean!

Can you get an external hard-drive and load it up with your pictures and stuff? This from someone who always meant to do just that and procrastinated — and then lost everything when the computer's hard drive died.

Linda said...

happy belated birthday to Dean!! the external hard drive thingy is a great idea that's what we ended up doing!! (did you have a birthday too??? I hope I didn't miss yours too)