Monday, October 12, 2009

Mister October

Are you ready yet? We're getting our Halloween on (Mr. Skeleton was courtesy of Martha) indoors and...

...out. Or thinking about it, anyway (this outside shot is from last year -- we won't carve our pumpkins or put up the lights until closer to the big day). Dean's costume is nearly finished (more of an assembly of parts as opposed to sewing this year), and the detailed plan around trick-or-treating is in the works.

Meanwhile, still a gorgeous fall. Although

I'm keenly aware of the rhythm life has taken on, the one where blogging never gets my best attention. I steal a couple of in-between minutes to get some photos up (and rarely have time to re-size), then I cobble together a post as best I can.

I'd like to think it's because real life, in real time, is getting my best effort. I'm not sure that it's true, but I do like to think it. I still keep my camera ready and I do keep thinking about everything, I just don't get many thoughts down. I'm not giving up; I guess I'm just asking for some patience. Maybe you're out in the fresh air, too?


Carin said...

I love Fall and Halloween is my favorite holiday so I am ready!

Julie said...

Pretty front door. :) Take your time and enjoy your real life while it's so pretty outside. We'll wait patiently.

I do look forward to seeing the finished costume when it's ready!

Gina said...

Beautiful photos and I love the skeleton.
Glad the magazines got to you OK. There's posatl strikes in the UK at the moment so the mail is a bit haphazard

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Natalie said...

I hear you.
And your front door is the color of perfection... bright and welcoming, a promise of creative, warm cheer.

Susannah Conway said...

hello, thank you for reaching out on my blog today - it's good to find you!

(i definitely need more fresh air :)