Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Wild

Last weekend, Dean discovered tree climbing (see him in there?). The combination of physical strength, a healthy degree of risk-taking, good sense about how to approach it safely, and a desire to be up in his own place culminated in many happy hours spent in the activity. We have pines like this all over our yard which really are just perfect for climbing; the branches start right from the base of the tree and fan out, all the way up, in just about boy-sized intervals.

It's fairly private in there, too. I have these plans in my head for how it would be possible to build a small platform up there, just big enough for 2 people to sit, with a pulley for bringing up the books, beverages, and snacks. Nothing as grandiose as a "house." And I actually think it would be safer without a railing (because I think that would give a false sense of safety and encourage standing when sitting would really be the purpose). I'm trying to decide if this is a case of my trying to over-engineer something and if it's better just to let Dean make his way in the trees as they are, or if having a perch up there would make for a more magical summer.

The forecast is calling for very cold temperatures toward the end of this week and into the weekend. The upside would be proper conditions for one more fire in the fireplace; the downside could be the shock to the poor plants that have been brave enough to send up shoots....


Garnered Stitches said...

Seeing Dean in your tree makes me realise that my 12 year old Son has yet to do that! Must find a suitable tree immediately.

Juddie said...

Oh, so fabulous! There's almost nothing better in childhood than being able to climb lots of trees, and being able to create your own world up there among the branches.
I loved climbing trees when I was young, and 30 years later, at horticultural college, I found myself being assessed on my tree-climbing technique!
Dean is a lucky lad.

Anonymous said...

There are certain childhood activities that make me wish I were a kid again, if just for a moment or two--tree climbing is one of them. :) I love your idea of a little seat in the tree.

pickthorne ramblings said...

Jennifer, my comment is sort of convoluted - via my daughter Lynn's webpage 'othermuse', through which you had commented on my previous Renaissance Granny blog 2 years ago. Are you still with me? I love your newsy musings

Laura Jane said...

what a great discovery for him....and that sounds like a great summer project for you all.

We have only just taken our platform down a few years ago, built when Patty was 5, and up for ~15-16 years. Just big enough for 2 kids to sit and chew the fat, and sort out the world.

Happy memories