Thursday, June 10, 2010

Wild. Life.

I'm sorry.

I did not mean to fall off the face of blogland.

I have a very wild story to tell you -- the short version is: While out walking the dog on our street, I was attacked and bitten by a fox. I am fine, but am just finishing up rabies treatment.

I'll tell you a little more when I can. As you can imagine it is a story I have found myself having to tell. A lot. And remember -- I work at an elementary school, and so that's given me a weird kind of celebrity status (and means that a LOT of parents of a LOT of kids are coming up to me because they heard a story from their kid that can't possibly be true...).

Anyway. Seriously -- it's all all right. I'm just tired, and suddenly find myself swept up in the true insanity that is always the end of a school year.

I'll be back, although with the World Cup kicking off tomorrow I realize I shouldn't over-promise!

Meanwhile, remember this: most dogs can defend themselves against foxes. If I should ever meet an aggressive fox out on a walk again, I will release Biscuit and let him do what he's bred to do -- defend me and hunt a wild animal. It's kind of like the whole walking a dog in winter thing and not going out on the ice to 'rescue' it if it falls through, since you're likely to end up dying and the dog has a decent chance at survival. Not that I'm going to die, or anything, but you get the drift.


Julie said...

Oh my gosh, Jennifer! I'm so glad you're okay! What an incredible story. Frightening, to say the very least!.....I'm sitting here with my mouth still hanging open in shock. Please take care...
xox Julie

Lesley said...

Oh I'm so pleased to see you back. I did follow the foxy story on fb, and I'm happy to hear all is well now.
I've been away from blogland for a while myself, and seeing your return has prompted me to post something. We'll see how that goes!

Love from me

Natalie said...

This makes me so proud of Biscuit, relieved for you, and happy to see things are going well. End of school year crazy here too... maybe we will have time to make a Christmas something when the school dust settles.

Garnered Stitches said...

So sorry to hear of you fox encounter. Hope the treatment wasn't too painful and you are on your way to a full recovery. Since the banning of Fox Hunting here in UK foxes have been seen as loveable creatures that have moved into the towns and cities ripping open the bin bags and snatching the odd guinea pig. Sadly the fox has tarnished it's image after one attacked two babies after sneaking into the house through an open door on a hot evening last week. Fortunately the children are recovering.
Get better soon,
best wishes

Jennifer said...

Oh that's awful about the fox attacking the babies! What I'm increasingly learning is that a fox is perfectly capable of being aggressive toward humans without being rabid -- although I would never, ever consider NOT getting treated for rabies when there's been any kind of exposure to a wild animal.