Friday, September 3, 2010


So, we're expecting a bit of Hurricane Earl to pass by this way. We live about 45 miles inland, and from the reports it appears that Earl will veer off to sea, so it's looking as though the only event for us will be a very windy night. We've got a few raindrops coming down intermittently, but nothing to send us scurrying out for milk and water and bread and batteries, or anything like that. We did rearrange our deck furniture, our tomato and basil porch pots, the wind chimes and the hummingbird feeder, but that's about it.

Hope it is as relatively manageable for everyone.

Meanwhile, a little catch-up:

Last weekend we headed out to see our local football club (OK, soccer to the MLS fans), the New England Revolution, get ultimately trounced by the Philadelphia Union. The Revs have been beset by injuries -- a common theme with all New England sports teams these days -- but we will had a great night out and felt good about supporting the team. People complain that there are so few stadiums actually built for soccer (Gillette Stadium here is the home of the New England Patriots -- American football team), but no one is going to build facilities if people aren't buying tickets and going to games.

And may I say that it's beginning to look ever so slightly like Christmas? At least that is to say I am making a start on some gifts with the hopes of having some handmade aspects to the holiday this year.
The cotton zippered bag is lined; it isn't necessary for the fleece one. Thinking about what else should be on my to-make list.

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