Tuesday, January 4, 2011

In a perfect world

Every time we have a first day back at school after a break of seemingly any size, I run into parents in the hallways who tell me how frazzled they are from all that time at home with their kids and how thrilled they are to have school start up again and to be back into the usual routine.

But for me, it's never long enough.
The two-week break went by in a blink. We all could have used another week or two or three or four. Dean's very happy to be back with friends, and loves school, but being home is always best.


Natalie said...

I met one of those parents yesterday... I do not get it!
She was frazzled and confounded, and pleased as could be, and she needed me to agree that it was *such a relief to have school in session.*
No way!
I am with you Jennifer: It's never long enough.

Garnered Stitches said...

There have been times when the first day back at school has been a blessing. A time for quiet contemplation after the hussle and bustle of "children noise". This holiday has been so different, my two teenagers have been a joy, debates not screaming matches and just the occassional refereeing. They are finaly growing to like each other! It's been a great holiday and it will be very quiet tomorrow.
best wishes

Jennifer said...

Well, true enough! The teen years ARE ahead of us....