Friday, December 2, 2011

December Daily One

First pages for my December Daily album. Not sure how much I want to load them up with stuff, so I've decided to go a little lean and figure I can add more in later if I need to. Not all uptight about have each day record EXACTLY the events of that day because the reality is that most days this month will be pretty regular -- work, school, errands, chores. So I'm trying to blend some of the Christmasy stuff with the every day and I'll see where it takes me.

The feeling of satisfaction of being on-schedule (after one whole day! woo-hoo!) is marred by my inability to turn up one of the gifts I bought several weeks ago that I needed TODAY so I could ship a box off to Ireland. I pulled everything apart, I looked over and over again, I rummaged in my brain for that image I have of having SEEN the bag not long ago... and nothing. Had to swap around other gifts because I want to at least get this box in the mail -- and maybe giving up will be the secret to have the damned thing re-appear (and I can give it to someone from whom I've just raided). I hate this; I hate not being in control and on top of things.

Breathing deeply. Letting it go. Moving on.

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