Sunday, December 18, 2011

A week to go

After a rousing start to the month I have fallen behind, but it's all right. We're off from school now, Dean and I, so I've got a week to catch up to whatever point we get to and that will be good. We're in the midst of having the bathroom on the main floor of our house re-done -- the one where our laundry machines are -- so aside from having everything all crazy mid-construction, I'm also without a washer or dryer. The dishwasher has been broken since 11/11 (Sears will send a guy for the THIRD time and we'll see what difference that makes). So what would usually be a hectic time anyway is even more crazy. I'm told the bathroom will be done by end of day Tuesday; dishwasher guy comes on Wednesday. Here's hoping.

Yesterday we went to celebrate Christmas with Ken's parents, our niece and her husband, and their baby daughter. Maddie and Dean adore each other; really, does anything else matter?


Laura Jane said...

oh! That picture made me gasp with warmth.

Thats the second pic I have seen this hour of a young man engaging so beautifully with a young baby. The other was a 15y.o. brother with his 7 week old sister for their Santa picture.

Bless em, those young men will be such tender fathers.

A merry and peaceful Xmas to your family

Lesley said...

Hello Jen!
What a lovely young man your Dean is fast becoming - and that's no surprise.
Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog the other day. So nice to know you still have the coasters and cutters!

Merry merry Christmas to you and Ken and Dean. Have a lovely, relaxing day and stay safe and warm.

Love from Lesley