Thursday, August 18, 2016

Not the longest day, but still

Spent the day in the emergency room with Ken; he'll need to have his gallbladder removed in a few days. Luckily they aren't making him stay in the hospital in the meantime but he'll need to go on a very restricted diet. The *good news* underneath all of this is that he's been having issues for over a year, had gone through a battery of tests with no results, and now we finally know what the problem is and have a date for getting it fixed. But still not the best birthday present, for sure.

A photo a day over at Chicken Blog, too.


Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

Jennifer... I am sorry.
Our connection through FB and blogs always feels like a marvel, until
events like this. Now I feel as though my support has been terribly inadequate, and I wish that I had been closer.

Jennifer said...

You are the best, and you ARE close, right here, and I appreciate it to the moon and back; true it's not as magnificent as it would be to live hear each other, but I feel your support and caring all this way. <3