Sunday, January 1, 2017


 Jumping right back in again. Care to join me? A photo a day. I'll be happy to include a link here to your journey, if you'd like. I have some new ideas for my approach this year, new ways to make this creative project an opportunity for growth. So ready!

 And this is a little glimpse into another promise being made good -- making, making, making. The supply of handmade holiday gifts should be more than ample by the time December rolls around again. I've promised this, repeatedly, before -- that I'd carry my energy for making things that strikes, reliably, *just* before Christmas into the coming year so that I'd be ready next time. And just because I've failed before doesn't mean I can't make it happen this time. Watch this space.

And keep believing in what's important, stay focused on actions that spread goodness and that are a catalyst for positive change. There isn't anything we can do if we put our minds, and our hands, to it.

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Natalie, the Chickenblogger said...

I feel like we are in the same ocean, feeling the same water, but some days I am caught in the undertow or riptide, barely treading, and some days I can see the shore, and I feel strong, and then we switch, again. Other friends, too, say "today I am hopeful," and then "I can't even. Woe, fret, yikes."

Honestly, I was gobsmacked when I peeked over here and saw that you'd posted, and not only that, but you're "jumping back in again!" And I love your motivation, resolve, focus, faith... it's like you are feeling strong and can see the shore. In this one choice, in your resolve... you are my catalyst for positive change, spreading goodness.

We don't actually fail, until we stop trying, right? I was ready, I thought, to stop blogging. And this morning's news, has me wanting to stop... I dunno, breathing? Believing? Comprehending? I can't even. Woe. Fret. Yikes. So, I guess this is a riptide kind of time for me, but I see you, there, and I am cautiously optimistic. I want to catch-up with you, and stay a course, with my mind, and hands. Making. Paddling. Breathing.

I am watching this space. Thank you.