Monday, September 17, 2007

Technical difficulties

I have the frustrated, pent-up, antsy, headachy, frenzied feeling of a sewing project gone somewhat wrong. I am trying to counter these feelings (exacerbated by the fact that to get to this point has pretty much used up my available time for the day) by having a green tossed salad for lunch and by picturing myself THIS way -- with true aim.

Admittedly, I set myself up for trouble, yet again. Rather that going out and buying the new pattern from which to make the vest for Dean's Eragon costume, I thought I'd attempt to make the smallest size possible from an adult vest pattern I already had (mandarin collar, princess seams). Also decided to make use of a good sized hunk of synthetic ultra-suede like material that I had on hand but had never worked with before. What I have going for me (thank you, Grand Master of the Universe) is that Dean is amazingly, incredibly adaptable in terms of what suits him for costumes (and for clothing). While I was a nit-picking, detail-crazed child who was bitterly disappointed if the things my mother made did not PRECISELY match my vision (even when said vision was simply had, but never communicated), Dean seems to have an incredible amount of latitude and flexibility -- for example, he readily OK'd the ultra-suede stuff which IS the right color but is clearly not leather, as Eragon's vest 'really' is. Not familiar? Take a look:

Gee, why didn't I take another look before I started sewing? The collar I made goes up flush with the front seam, instead of being set back, like this one is. And I'm going to have to make at least one if not several trips to find some kind of clasps that are going to work. Well, I will get some feedback from Dean on where I am so far with the thing and will either attempt to make some final adjustments or I will scrap it and start again the right way. No, I will not be making nor buying Dean any leather pants; I've already purchased black micro-fleece pants (which he approved! and tried on! and loved!) -- so much more practical and cozy on a cold Halloween night. On that note, Dean has also already approved my making a black cape that he can wear over this if indeed it is too cold on Halloween to go out just like this. SUCH a reasonable young man, and yet he won't even try a piece of fruit. Guess we all have our limits.


Felicia said...

LOL Awe, come on. No leather pants?! You're a wonderful person to be taking on such a complicated costume. You can do it. Just take a step back and breathe. It'll be fabulous.

Natalie said...

I could make Dean's costume, as he is not too particular and I am not too skilled. We are a match. Then you could make Max's costume and he will isntruct you as to every conceivable particular detail possible. He scoffs, extra scornfully, at store costumes and he is anguished and dismayed that I cannot construct a costume that would allow him to float... he wants to be a helium filled balloon!! Mercy.