Friday, April 11, 2008

I don't know WHAT to call this....

I am pleased beyond pleased. I don't know if it will still be there if you go and look, but one of my photos from my hope revolution project is featured (bottom one in the left-side column) on the Hope Revolution site itself. Maybe she is rotating photos from the flickr pool? Anyway, it feels just unreasonably good to have made a contribution that's on the site itself.

That certainly feels much more rewarding than it felt on Monday when I spent all day cleaning and accomplished, among other things, this perfectly. clean. kitchen. island. Not rewarding because if I snapped the same picture today.... Well, why don't I just go and do that?

Ugh. That's why. The reality of how we live. I really would love it to be the other way. I'd love if the island was always kept clean and clear and shiny, and that the rest of the house were that way too. I just do not have the emotional nor physical capital (doesn't that sound grand?) to devote to it. Oh, I know we've been down this road before together. But there it is.

So Ken is in Las Vegas with an old friend from college and one of that guy's friends -- I think this is the third time this trio has treated itself to a weekend in Las Vegas just for fun. Must be nice! Dean and I are going to walk in and around and out of the house with our shoes on, repeatedly, eat the bad foods we like, and stay up late watching movies. I'm also planning to get some quilting time in. Don't be mad at us for secretly wishing that soccer practice tonight and the game tomorrow get rained out; we just want all the time we can to take advantage of having the place to ourselves.

And a fun find from Natalie:

68 words

Speed test


Lesley said...

Hi Jennifer!
Hope you two gtreat mates have a fun weekend together.
A belated 'happy birthday' to Dean. What a special young man he is!
I'm still away on our holiday, having the most amazing, fantastic time in NYC. Looking forward to getting home on Sunday, though, and being still for a while.

Cocoa said...

Whenever I finally get my kitchen counters all cleared and clutter free I don't allow anyone in the room for at least a day just so I can enjoy it.

Hope you get rained out. :D

Natalie said...

Hey, what if we take pictures of our favorite spots when they are clean... print and frame and hang in the area. We could recall that precious moment and relax about life's ebb and flow?
My typing has moved from 34wpm to 40 wpm, but it took a ridiculous number of tries and it makes me bit nutty while I am doing!
Jennifer, your Joy package has been like a party in a box and we have all been playing very happily. Thank you so much for sharing these treasures with us.

Gina said...

what's that saying

An immaculate house is the sign of a bored mind.

I'd rather mine like the second photo. It's more homely

love and hugs xxx

Laura Jane said...

The second photo is a good day in my house. I have a beautiful recycled redwood bench/breakfast bar in my kitchen, and it is rarely fully uncluttered. Sigh.

The cross-stitched sign in my kitchen readds "Only dull women have immaculate houses." (apologies to all those non-dull women who do).

I too tried the word typing speed test and was shocked to discover that i only type at 28 words per minute! It feels much faster than that! Maybe that's my thoughts whizzing by!

However I KNOW I do not have the energy or time to devote to learning to touch type in the next wee while, and refuse to torment myself on that little project.

68 wpm!! I'm impressed Jen!