Sunday, April 20, 2008

Zen and the art of something

It was hard to find places to step, coming out of school the other day, because I really do not like to walk on people's artwork.

We're on Spring Break this week and are trying not to burn out the first weekend; soccer practice and puppy kindergarten (against all odds, Biscuit graduated) and a far-away soccer game and a visit to Ken's parents (which Ken and Dean are on right now while I attempt to catch up on a zillion things at home). And those are just a few highlights. Just plain too much going on right now.

I'm cutting out pieces to make good on a quilt-making promise and still thinking that I can triumph over crochet. Making a mini April scrapbook because it seemed like a good idea at some point, baking, thinking about doing yard work, and cooking healthier dinners. Yes, almost simultaneously. Almost. Once when I just totally had my hands full (literally) and Dean asked me to do something MORE for him, I said, "how many things do you think I can do at one time?!?" I was exasperated. He didn't catch that exasperation part and after giving my question serious thought he answered, thoughtfully, "I don't know -- 10?"


Natalie said...

With only one week for a break, don't you feel compelled to do a million things and yet, as you note, it's so easy for there to be "too much going on?" I am often dismayed at the end of a break to discover that all of my ambitions amounted to a small fraction of what I had hoped to accomplish. Akkk!
10 things at once? Yeah, you probably do about that many! Maybe your letter "I" should stand for "I could use a real break!"

Laura Jane said...

But of course you can do 10 things at once Jennifer - Dean believes it of you! On a good day you probably DO!

But I'm with you on the days off thing, and trying to fit everything in. Just. Too. Hard.

Thanks for the gorgeous chalk-on-sidewalk art.

Hang in there!

Cocoa said...

I read a quote somewhere that said something like, "If evolution was real why haven't mothers developed an extra set of arms by now?"