Saturday, May 10, 2008

How we manage

More of my favorite red and green combination of spring; seedpods on yet another type of maple tree. Don't these look like jewels?

A very full Saturday ahead for us today: lunch at a neighbor's, a soccer game to coach/play, and a birthday party for Dean to attend. Then home home home for some simple dinner and down time.

There were things on our winter to-do list that we did not do -- no tobogganing, no hike in the winter woods. I struggle with wanting to try to do it all and appreciating NOT doing things; we pick and choose as we go. I realize that the impact of days any season like today when we happen to have lots to do -- even when we enjoy each individual thing -- overwhelm us and make us eager to drop the things we do have control over in favor of staying home and relaxing. Sometimes I forget that childhood and the process of building memories doesn't require that everything be done today, this month, or even this year. My adult sense of time says "now or never!" while Dean's much more sagely says "there'll be another time, and this right now is important, too -- this not doing of things."

As we approach summer we start to make our list. Mini-golfing, water slides, the zoo, the state forest, ice cream, cook-outs, camping, canoeing, the beach. We won't do it all. We'll make choices and we'll put on the brakes if it feels that we're moving too fast and trying to do too much. I'll aim to pick one project to finish, a couple of books to read, and will try to let go of the list of what's left undone.


Natalie said...

Good thoughts, these. There is some question of whether or not I will drive with the children to Chicago this summer... expectations from family are high, but more and more I feel like I could just release... leave it undone. It feels good to fully embrace our choices.

Lesley said...

Is that maple the same as sycamore? I seem to remember those 'helicopter' seedpods from childhood in England.

Don't put too many things on your summer list, Jennifer — and even when you've edited it, remove half of it! Otherwise you run the risk of setting yourself up for failure, or disappointment.
Or how about making one of the items on your list "no demands, no expectations!"
Life throws enough pressures our way without adding more ourselves.
My daughter's college motto, translated from the Latin, is 'Let it all hang out'. That's a great motto for summer!
Happy Mother's Day from way over here in the bottom left-hand corner.

Garnered Stitches said...

Funnily enough I had just written myself a list of the things I have to do during the rest of the afternoon and this evening! And yet I sit here at the computer communing with the world! I have 50 mins to do atleast three things before collecting my son from school, so I shall get on...

Do we as women feel we should cram in as much as possible in the time we have? - I decided to buy a garden game at the supermarket earlier today, as I thought I could play with my Son later on, as this would be much more fun for both of us instead of me doing the ironing!
best wishes