Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Catching up

Thank you
Dean raised $230 for Dog Orphans (a local no-kill shelter); thank-you notes are still in process but meanwhile I'll say thanks here for your support. He has a genuine sense of his own ability to make a difference in the world, and of the satisfaction that comes from putting effort into something that's important to you.

Speed Racer. Tell me YOU remember Speed Racer. Maybe you can't join me in singing the theme song (what can I say? it's a gift), but tell me you remember watching this show. When I took Dean to a birthday party last Friday that included seeing the new movie, I was shocked at how few of the other parents even knew about the cartoon. Well, I guess I have to try to let it go. But you should think about seeing the movie. I recommend it because the Wachowskis have, once again, totally up-ended movie making and story telling -- it is unlike any other movie I have ever seen. Like The Matrix, it will have a profound effect on what comes after it. In some ways, it draws upon another amazing transformation from animation to live action -- and the casting is utterly inspired (John Goodman IS Pops!). It does have serious flaws (hey, guys? -- it is possible to make a kids' movie that entirely appeals to adults without dropping the s-bomb or resorting to real violence; check out, oh, anything by Pixar) but I think you should give it a try anyway. And while back in the day it was all about Speed, now all I can say is: Racer X. Totally. Racer X.

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Natalie said...

Arghh... how did I miss the Dog Orphans?! Is it too late to contribute (probably not?) Anyway, congratulate him for us please.

I totally remember wishing we had a good television so I could watch more Speed Racer, instead of catching random bits while visiting my cousin. Loved the intrigue, the animation style and that theme song! I'll have to share your impressions with my guys, who are curious...