Sunday, March 30, 2008

"G" is for "green"

It makes me feel much more on top of my game to be able to post my contributions to the letter 'g' at ABC-Along 2008 right on schedule.

I'm going to ask a favor, and I'll only ask once, and I don't expect anything other than that you'll consider it if it's possible: Dean, for the second year in a row, is walking to raise money for Dog Orphans, a local no-kill shelter. If you'd like to make a tax-deductible contribution of any size (honestly, $5 would be appreciated), please comment and make sure your email is indicated so I can give you our mailing address. Dean found out about this shelter and their fund raising walk last year, and took it on all by himself. Raised the money, got a bunch of other kids at his school interested as well, and did the walk (I walked with him -- it's just a mile but the point is raising awareness and $). His efforts (because he recruited other kids) brought in over $1,000 for the shelter. His personal goal this year is to raise $150, and he's delighted to have his own dog to walk with him this time. Although I expect him to handle his own requests for sponsors, I thought I'd make the one request here just in case anyone can help out.

Meanwhile, I'm just waiting for Joann's to open so I can go buy white flannel and white faux fur to make Dean's polar bear costume for the school play that he needs by Friday and that I just found out about on Thursday....


Jess said...

I'm in for $50. You've got my email.

Felicia said...

I love your blog makeover. Its groovy. I always wondered where Infinity More Monkeys came from :) Sign me up for the no killer shelter donation too.