Friday, March 28, 2008


I am utterly grateful for your kind comments and support from yesterday's post. The biggest thing really is not feeling alone in it. I need a big idea, something to work toward.

You noticed, didn't you, that I finally got around to making a real banner to replace the generic, industrial one? For the longest time I thought there was some secret to putting up a custom banner that I didn't know, but I finally took a good look at the template and realized that it only takes uploading an image. I then froze in the "what would be good enough?" stage for months, really; I kept putting off the creation of the perfect thing to express myself, my blog, my hopes and fears and dreams and all that stuff. Crazy. So yesterday I took a picture of my collection on the windowsill of my office at school and decided this was it. Knowing that I can change it at any time and that putting a banner up doesn't mean marrying it shook me out of my procrastination. Sheesh.

I keep meaning to mention a terrific card game Dean got from the Easter Bunny -- Fluxx is addictive (but it does require all players to be independent readers). We also hit on a couple Netflix charmers:
Akeela and the Bee (some regrettably coarse language, but still great for the over 9 set)
Johnny English (I know, I know, but I honestly did laugh out loud)

Now I need to try and go do something. Wish me luck.

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Bitterbetty said...

I am always amazed at big blogs I can't relate to and I seriously ( No Offense To Anyone, Please..) can't really relate to an all breakfast blog.

I would have to just about give birth to golden retriever puppies to get 45 comments.

But I still love blogging because of people like you.

And I love your banner.