Sunday, March 16, 2008

The lull

Who doesn't need a pair of princess fairy mud boots? Especially here, in the land of Mud Season? Some lucky child at school owns these and I'm on a quest to record more of the little, every day things that make me smile. It's been a busy, crazy, stressful time here lately -- nothing out of the ordinary (busy at work, soccer season starting up, piano lessons and practice to oversee, the pup, the winter that won't let go, no time nor energy for much crafting, blogging, or anything other than the bare minimum of what needs to get done) but I'm trying to step back a little and gain perspective AND joy. Says a lot when you need to work for your joy.
Despite my own lack of crafting, I did get Dean started (at his request) on a Knifty Knitter loom and he's busily making clothing for his stuffed animals. These are basically jumbo versions of a Knitting Nancy (do take a look at this amazing collection) and are perfect for a child who looks at the i-cord coming out of his Knitting Nancy and has trouble imagining what he's going to DO with it. No trouble here imaging the hat or bag or cozy pullover that will perfectly fit one of your stuffed animals (whom you see at the edge, nervously waiting to see who will score the first creation).
And only because he is taking up so much of my time every day, I feel the need to post just one new picture of Mr. Biscuit. I'm not totally convinced that I wouldn't sell him if I had the chance, but he's growing on me and sometimes I even have hope that a really good dog will emerge from this raucous and demanding pup.

I was poised, just by the way, to be perfectly on time with the letter "E" entry for the ABC-Along, but I found out that I didn't really know what "estuary" meant. I only thought I did. And while the Massachusetts coastline is certainly estuary rich, I won't be near the coast any time soon and so am working to photograph "eddy," or perhaps "efflorescence." If we ever have any.


Natalie said...

I must admit, Mr. Biscuit has a very *Top Dog,* "Who you looking at?" expression! Cute puppy, but one you would want to keep ahead of, before he gets ahead of you...
Not that I know much about dogs. I'm just reading his face as if he were a kid!

Felicia said...

I love how those stuffed animals are patiently waiting off to the side for their new outfits :) And Mr. Biscuit is cute as cake!