Sunday, July 6, 2008

Missing you

My dad would have been 80 today. He'd have been glad we finally got Dean a dog, found it odd that Dean plays soccer and not baseball ("geez, don't American kids play baseball anymore?"), worried, as always, that I was doing too much ("just buy paper plates!") and wistful about turning 80 ("that just sounds old, doesn't it?").
The latest ABC-Along installment is the letter 'n,' and nasturtium. Past the half-way mark now.
My dad was a great photographer -- professional, in fact. He'd have enjoyed this project, would have been eager to see what I was coming up with, and would have been direct about the ones he thought weren't good enough ("well I'm looking at it Jen and I don't see the 'A'...").

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Juddie said...

I love your pics, but most of all I love the one of you and your dad. Beautiful!

He sounds like a lovely man whose memory is treasured.