Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Luckiest girl in the world

Can you believe it? I can hardly believe it -- I'm the luckiest girl in the world! Sandy stopped by, saw my post, snuck away with a copy of my picture, and gave it back to me like this. I had tears in my eyes when I opened her message and found this inside. How did she know that dress was pink? And she does this kind of thing for reals, for money, but she did this as a surprise just for me. I am touched and thrilled and just delighted beyond belief. I cannot imagine better. Now I really am going to have a wonderful day and I hope you do, too!


Natalie said...

It looks like a totally different scene... what a marvelous effect! That is so sweet, both as a gift and you, in pink. I swear you always possess such poise, grace and wisdom... even as a little girl. I would love a copy of this. I would hang it some place special, so people could admire it
"Who is she?" "Oh, that's my good friend in Massachusetts. We go way back!"

Sam I Am said... silly lil monkey!!!! im so happy you like it and soooo happy it made your day :)
you've made MY day !! :)
lotsa hugs..

Anonymous said...

Oh Jen what a special thing to have done for you! The photo is adorable!!!

Merisi said...

Very sweet and turned out so well!

I used to hand color my black and white silver gelatin prints, but haven't tried my hand on digital photographs.

Felicia said...