Friday, July 4, 2008


In an effort to stir the pot a little, I've tagged what I hope is a wide assortment of fellow bloggers (seeing if I can break out of some of the same circles a little bit). Some old friends, some newer ones, and some with blogs where I've lurked but not said much. This was my twist on Natalie's tag of me, where I called 7 hopes and/or wishes. We'll see who has a chance to play along.

Heather at Bluhm Studios

'M' at Chocolate on My Cranium

Diana at Dented Thimble Quilting

Kahne at Life on the Run

My Little Mochi

Sarah at Joy for the Journey

Maybe there's someone here who's new to you, and you can take a look at what she's up to. But, ok, so I DID actually tag 7, but I can't remember who the last one was. I'll try. It's no reflection on the person or her blog, just on my own fuzziness of memory. Love this:

"I don't write things down to remember them later. I write things down to remember them now."

It's from a site that sells notebooks but, yes -- it's true -- I can't remember the name of it at the moment. {Edited to add: found it! Check out these great notebooks.) And here's a friend who had the chance to play along on a tag from a while back; she wrote such a lovely post....


Cocoa said...

I sure enjoyed reading your "wish" list in a previous post. I will try and get around to writing mine sometime by the end of the week. I still need to recover from this past weekend.

Jess said...

I think I might be the missing meme tag...