Wednesday, June 10, 2009

You put your right foot in, you take your right foot out

Peony Pink Hawaiian Coral

It's just such a strange thing. I keep having dreams, very real, that are small moments when things in my life are apparently just how I want them to be. For example, I clearly had a dream that the old, brown grass clippings that are littering our front walk had been all swept up. I realized that I'd had the dream when I walked out the front door, down the walk, and saw that the grass clippings are all still there. I was so disappointed. I've had other similar experiences recently but I can't remember the details to be able to share them -- but that same feeling of realizing that I'd dreamt something was taken care of and being disappointed to find that it was not.

This toad was very much really living in our mulch pile. Hello, toad.

Why haven't I been here much lately? It's been hard. Just a lot of other stuff going on, taking my time, using up my energy, making me wonder what it is I'd really like to be doing instead. I'm trying to get a clear idea of what I'd like my time off this summer to be about, so that I can make sure that it comes off that way. I think I want it to include more time to be here.

But I've also been occupied by wonderful things, such as Dean's third piano recital.

When we were out walking the dog together last night in a light, misting rain, Dean stopped to investigate droplets of water on a small leaf. "Isn't it beautiful?" he asked breathlessly. Indeed; it always is.


Kym said...

I completely understand your realistic dreams as I've experienced similar feelings several times myself. Not about grass clippings, but equally mundane events that were so normal I never expected it would be a dream. Glad to see that I'm not alone!

Bitterbetty said...

That is so funny. Your subconscious has it done already.. It's just this waking world that has these obnoxious time constraints!

I love Den noticing the little things. It reminds me of this afternoon where I was walking downtown with Jacob and he said " Mom did you see that baby? He was eating his cookie and really studying it to find the best bite. He was so cute!"

And I thought how lucky I am to have a sweet hearted boy who notices cookie loving babies and gets smitten.

Nice Boys Rule.