Friday, November 6, 2009

Wasn't that long ago, right?

Somehow I'm making up a rule that says I can still post about a holiday as long as I'm less than a week away from it. Not sure why I think I need to get all rule-y or anything, but I guess I feel the need to justify being so far behind. But we did have a glorious Halloween!

Every year it seems the prospect of making the time to deal with the pumpkins is just overwhelming; buying them is easy, gutting and carving them on a week night after dinner always seems so hard. But then, once we just buckle down and do it we remember that it's not so bad and in fact we enjoy it. A lot. (Dean has gotten pretty good at gutting his own pumpkin, which does help.)

And this year Dean was Bond. James Bond. Daniel Craig as James Bond. Never had such an easy costume to make! I had the idea to check eBay for a kid's tux and found one brand new, in the wrapper, for less (um, more than one-third less) than I spent on fabric last year. Not that I don't absolutely love making his costumes for him because I do, but this did take a lot of stress and expense out of the whole enterprise, and he did look marvelous if I do say so myself.

He went trick or treating, as always, with his buddy Max who looked just exactly like the UPS man. They were a great pair. Came back with lots of loot, and Dean gave about 2/3's of his haul to his other friend who was too sick to go out that night. (H1N1, or I-L-I [influenza-like-illness], I'll be so glad when you are out of here.)

And I'm just too proud of his accomplishments not to say -- Dean's managed in his last two games to get the ball past the keeper and into the net. The upper photo was from a very tough game that they lost, and the bottom is from a game in which Dean's was the only goal so he did it for his team. He's having a wonderful time, getting more confident with each game. We open a new season of indoor soccer this Saturday at 7 a.m., and close out the current outdoor season in the afternoon. Not sure how two games in one day will go (or how I'll get his uniform clean in between) but hoping he continues to love the sport.


Natalie said...

We need to make some rules for me too... we are carving pumpkins today!
Wherever we fall, I think we come out doing just fine... somehow.
Dean, of course, is better than fine. What an excellent young Bond.

Julie said...

Dean and his buddy look so cute (or I should probably say handsome!) all dressed. Love the pumpkins. :)

Gina said...

Dean looks really handsome as James Bond.

Well done on the goal scoring. Maybe Torres has competition.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

UK lass in US said...

Oh, I hope that I get more than a week. What a very dapper James Bond! My kids' costumes required very little sewing this year. I do like making costumes, but it worked out perfectly this year - expecially as I was ill in the run-up to Halloween.

Let me know if you do try those mitts!