Thursday, December 10, 2009

Beginning to look a lot like Christmas

The day after Thanksgiving, I switch over to Santa Mickey to keep track of how quickly time is slipping by.

Can I just say that getting the guys on board with getting the tree over the weekend after Thanksgiving this year (when the weather was unseasonably warm, not a flake of snow had fallen, and we had our pick of trees) was one of the best things we've done so far this year?

Because here's how things look around here now, after yesterday's storm. It was significant enough to give us the day home from school, so we got out the sled, the baking sheets, the flour and sugar and chocolate chips and really took advantage.

Dean's sled run requires a real leap of faith and of physics -- straight down to launch.

A bunch of cards are in the mail, many packages have been sent, the tree is up, and the day-to-day compromises around deciding what really needs to get done, what can wait, and what can be taken off the list feel a little less harrowing to me right now.


Natalie said...

Cheers for perfect timing.
Cheers for "less harrowing."
Cheers for tree up, cards in mail and packages sent.
Cheers for Dean's leaps of faith... that looks seriously fun by the way.
And a Micky Santa watch? Too cool.

Jennifer said...

Thanks Natalie! And the watch was one of those special "for just $10 with your purchase" deals at Disney World -- who could resist?

Gina said...

Love the watch.
I can't believe how much snow you had. dean looks as though he's thoroughly enjoying himself

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Anonymous said...

oh wow SNOW!!!! I am so envious I would love to snow here like that, we have to travel to mountains to see snow here in Australia, ou are so incredibly lucky!! Glad to hear things are a little less harrowing I am coping with it all too!!!