Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Memory lane

I came across this picture today; it was taken in August 2004, in the week before school started. Dean and I had gone to a local pond for some quality mother/son fishing time, and a photographer for a local newspaper happened upon us. She told us the photos would make the paper "for sure!" because a mother/son fishing combo was unusual. We did make the paper, and they ran it a couple of different days (slow time for news, I guess).

We're gearing up for a less unusual mother/son activity -- our annual gingerbread house baking and decorating. We neither of us have it in our hearts to try ice-fishing, and I'd rather not have a reporter happen upon us in the yard when we're doing archery or shooting the bb-gun (some tongues do wag over that sort of thing), but I'm trying to think of some other fun outdoor things we can do together as the weather turns cold. We've got a gorgeous toboggan but haven't found a good local hill yet (I've got to work on that!). I'm thinking about snowshoeing but would like to find some used ones.

He's only marginally interested in crafting, but maybe I can enlist his help with the holiday banner I've got in the works.

Do you worry about what your child(ren) will remember about you when they grow up? I hope some of this stuff sticks, and not just my less-than-ideal parenting moments.


Julie said...

Great pictures of you two!

Not being a parent myself, I can't address the worrying part. But I was reared in a very good home. My parents weren't afraid to apologize when they were less than perfect in their parenting. The character values they instilled in us as kids, and the security of knowing there was nothing I could do to ever make them not love me....that's what I remember about them more than anything. If in the big scheme of things you're doing a good job, kids will feel that and remember, I think. :)...You're such an encourager, I can't imagine that you're anything less than a wonderful mom!

Gina said...

What a great picture.

Mal and Gemma always get weird looks when they go to car shows together. I donm't think father/daughter combinations have caught on over here yet.

Love and hugs Gina xxx

Kym said...

I don't worry, but do wonder what our girls will remember about their early lives. Will they remember their parents getting down and playing their games, or will that day I got really mad with them stick in their minds? Hopefully the good and the happy outweighs the bad and regretful moments.