Friday, December 18, 2009


Kinda looks like a shepherd in the Christmas Pageant, doesn't he? In fact, he is Ibn Rushd, a scholar of 12th century Spain whose work in establishing the idea that faith and reason could co-exist was pivotal in sparking the European renaissance of the 15th century. His own lifetime was lived during the earlier (12th century) renaissance, centered in the Arab world, of which few Western children ever learn. The picture was taken Tuesday night, at the "Alhambra Banquet" where each member of his class presented what they had learned about the person he or she studied, where we sat on low cushions on the floor to eat a middle eastern feast, and where every single person in the room learned things he or she did not know before.

I LOVE our school.

And today, I'm working feverishly to prepare for our first Christmas feast, which takes place tomorrow when family comes to visit and celebrate. That I put placecards and decoration before, say, vacuuming and scrubbing the bathroom drives Ken a little crazy, but I know it will all get done. And I'd rather suffer the indignity of a few dustbunnies than a holiday table that hardly seems set.

Baked a chocolate pie this morning and am prepping the foods that I can for tomorrow. Making fresh pizza for dinner tonight, too. Whenever I feel myself starting to get panicky I just turn the holiday music up a little louder and remind myself that enjoying it is the most important part.

No, I didn't make her, but I did make...

...this little banner for above the kitchen sink. Most of our snow has gone but a big storm is brewing, I hear. The banner says "Merry Moose" -- hard to explain why we refer to Christmas as 'moose' in our house, but I think you can roll with me on this one.

Love and joy, come to you!


Natalie said...

I just love this Moose post... all of it. **sigh**
We got a beautiful greeting in the mail and I cannot thank you enough: I am in awe of anyone that manages even a few of the traditions of the season.
Merry Mooseness!

KristenMary said...

Have a wonderful holiday, Jennifer!