Thursday, October 7, 2010


I don't get much time in here these days; I suppose the way to say it is that I don't manage to make the time to get here. I know well enough by now that blogging goes in cycles but I'm curious to see this time if I manage to ramp back up, or not.

But meanwhile.

The things left blooming in the garden are valiant, gorgeous, lonely, and ephemeral. I'd like to spend these days out there with my camera, but settle for a few moments stolen now and then (although I need to remember, again, to always have a camera with me). It hasn't managed for the past week or so to ever get as warm as the forecast predicts, so we're left under-dressed and shivery -- very fall-en indeed.

Tomorrow we make the trip into Boston to take Dean to Children's Hospital; another boy at school accidentally slid into Dean's ankle during a recess soccer game last week and Dean's been in a cast and on crutches since. I've seen more of the local emergency room this year than I'd like, certainly. Anyway, they weren't sure in the ER if he'd broken the growth plate in his foot and so tomorrow we see a specialist and find out for sure. All hopes are pinned on *not broken.*

I do find it odd that the parent of the child involved never called to see how Dean was doing. If my child had accidentally sent another child to the ER I'd certainly have made the call -- all the more so if I saw the child on crutches the next day. What do you think is wrong with people? We know it was an accident, but wouldn't the decent thing to do be to call? Or is it just me? I often enough find that I seem to live by some ancient code that no one else follows....

Oh, and I need to do something with all the basil before we get a hard frost and it's gone.


Natalie said...

Long live the ancient code!
Or at least I certainly respect and admire good people like you that live by it. I tend to slip. I agree though, a check-in call would be the least.
No breaks. That is what I am hoping for Dean.
And pesto. That is what I am thinking for your basil.

Merisi said...

I hope Dean's ankle injury was not too bad!

Regarding basil, I learned from Kalyn how to freeze basil - I confess that I do not wash my basil. It's growing on my window. ;-)

I forget to mention that I love your pictures in this and the more recent post, they are so sunny and cheerful!

And yes, people are at times so rude, don't let them get to you, please!