Monday, October 18, 2010

To port

It has been lovely, these days, in New England. Despite the early darkness, the days are crisp and bright and filled with the colors and scents of autumn.

Hard to stay grumpy, which is a wonderful thing.

We spent Saturday afternoon in Newburyport, Massachusetts. Dean is learning that the many little port towns along the New England coast are very similar in design, in feel (and unfortunately in this age of franchises and homogenization, often identical in the shops) --
Portland, Portsmouth, Newburyport, Rockport, Newport -- you could be dropped blindfolded into any one of these and know that you were in New England near the coast but would not necessarily instantly know which town you were in. Cobblestone streets, old brick storefronts, winding streets coming up off the waterfront -- check, check, check.

They are lovely, though -- please don't think I don't adore these towns because I do. (I've managed to sneak in some sewing lately, and made this new jacket for myself although I'm still tinkering with it a little bit....)

I'm not sure why this picture of Dean with the horse strikes me as so adorably funny -- something about his bum leg, I guess, and the apparent youth of the horse.

Seeing the ocean, the boats, and dear family members who met up with us for *linner* (you know, a meal in between lunch and dinner) was restorative.

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Juddie said...

Oh! I've always dreamed of visiting New England, particularly in Autumn ... happy days!

We're having similarly glorious weather over here, but with all the lushness and promise of spring. We've actually had quite regular rain in the last few months so it seems tht we may finally be emerging from an 11-year drought.

It's so wonderful to enjoy the sound of running water in newly-opened fountains (shut down for so many years), green grass and soft green leaves, before the heat of summer sizzles them all up!