Saturday, November 20, 2010

Around the World

We've returned from a brief trip, one that we planned when we felt that we all needed something to look forward to, one that we planned at a time when taking Dean out of school for a few days didn't seem too daunting.

We really wanted to get some Christmas on, to jump-start the holiday season with a bang.
We also really wanted to see some new scenery, experience some warmer temperatures.

We wanted to enjoy some great art and architecture, and alsoSee some wildlife up close.

We also wanted to eat a wide variety of foods, and Dean in particular wanted to expand his fish and vegetable intake.

We were up for a little shopping, browsing, seeing what was what in the shops.

We wanted to immerse ourselves in local cultures, even when we were a little weary from all the walking.

Are you on to me? We escaped to Disney World. It was our best trip ever -- largely, I think, because I've learned to relax and when I'm relaxed, the ripple effects are tremendous.

Now we're getting our Thanksgiving on, which will be a holiday at home for the three of us. We're fairly giddy about it. I'm loving all the joyful sights of the holidays all around blogland; for now, everyone seems to be reveling in preparations and anticipation, even if we didn't *ahem* quite get the year-long jump we'd dreamed of.


Anonymous said...

oh how wonderful I wish we could get to Disneyland I don't think I would make it around very far but it would be such a fab place to go!! I have always loved the Alice in Wonderland cups!! Hope you are feeling refreshed and renewed after your trip xx

Natalie said...

Well, I'd say world travel trumps a year of holiday planning any time!
My heart skipped a beat, you know, when I saw the first picture... you got me! Someday I want to be with you for the *real* thing!
I have pictures of the kids wearing all kinds of Disney hats... the hats stay in the park, but we keep the memories. Even drowsy, Dean looks good in the fez! Did he keep it?

Jennifer said...

Natalie, I would never set a foot in the great golden state of California without letting you know well in advance (and planning time together!).

Yeah, the hats stay in the parks with us, too, with the exception of a baseball hat every now and then. I've been trying to sell Dean on a fez because I think it just works on him, but his expression about sums up HIS feelings on the matter. He loved the coon-skin cap he tried on in the Canada pavilion at Epcot but it was about 4 sizes too small....