Friday, October 12, 2007


Join me, won't you? Raise a glass, and let's toast: to Al Gore, to the Nobel Peace Prize, and to the Democratic future for the United States (and to the positive difference that will make to the whole, entire world). Hear, hear! (At least, that's the form of "hear" I *think* would come in agreement to a jolly toast -- or would it be "here, here!"?)


Also please join in with the effort launched over at me and my storey -- a China free Christmas! Is that cool, or what?

One of these days I am going to attempt to show you what's inside my purse, but I'm telling you right now -- it is not nearly so stylish nor so organized as this gal's. Just proves how much better your life is if you happen to live in Scandinavia somewhere. [I can't get the link to go to the specific post, so if you wander over there and don't see what I'm talking about, seek out her Oct. 4th post, please.]

I said I'd report back and so now I am -- they honestly DO give you free shipping over at Halloween Costumes 4U if you mention them on your blog. I think this is a stroke of genius type of marketing, and I'd like to see it spread like wildfire.

I saw the headline "Grilled Cheese Renaissance" and I thought -- but in order for there to be a revival, a renaissance, something has to have been gone first, or dead somehow, right? I mean, were grilled cheese sandwiches ever dead to you? I didn't think so.

Can you tell I've been in a weird mood? But I'm coming back around, not to worry -- I won't be going "all random" on you from now on or anything.


Natalie said...

I raise my glass: Cheers for Al!
China-free Christmas: I will try. Is it retroactive? This will be worthwhile, but hard.
I am too depressed to even think about how wonderful someone else's purse looks: I lose this contest any day. Game Over.
Halloween? Oh, ya Halloween!!! OMG costumes. What's that link?
I bet Grilled Cheese Renaissance has something to do with fancy cheese and buying a panini grill... mercy.
I'm cool with the randomness. I'm cool with weird moods.
What about Chinese food for Christmas? I ordered take-out one Christmas Eve lol!

Felicia said...

This was a fun post. I enjoyed the links :)

jess said...

I can't tell you how much I appreciate your support for my CFC project. Thankyou so much! I'm finding that I'm becoming so much more aware of everything I buy. It's actually saving me money. I don't buy cheap crap at the store anymore just to get the kids to stop whining. The kids also know that I won't buy them things because it's made in China, so that cuts back on lots of whining also. I'm also enjoying how this has inspired me to make so much more handicrafts for them. I've realized so many good things have come from starting this project, so I really do appreciate your support. Now I'll stop talking and taking up so much room;)

carolyn said...

now that it's getting chilly I too want a grilled cheese renaissance...I might have to break down and get a paninni grill. (But trying to to be the consumer I'll probably just use my cast iron frying pans.)