Sunday, October 14, 2007

Pick one

[getting the pumpkins, c. 2001]

I had an image in my mind, as I often do, about what "going to get our pumpkins" was going to look like this year. Oh, we'd drive a little ways (not TOO far), we'd peep at some leaves, we'd inhale the smell of apples, and cider, and maybe there would be a hay ride and then we'd pick out our pumpkins from a massive selection of every shape and size. Instead we did the right thing -- we drove to a tiny little family-run business just over a mile from our house. They are trying to make a go of it as a garden center, and seeing as they are as off the beaten path as you can be, it's hard. So we went there because they are essentially our neighbors. And the three pumpkins we bought were pert-near the only pumpkins they had (not that they'd run out, mind you). And that's where we bought the asters I planted and the allium Dean intends to plant in his garden. It's ok, that it didn't go the way I'd intended. I get a little too crazy sometimes, when Ken and Dean are perfectly content with the simple way.

In addition to all the other projects I talk about starting, never seem to show you, and never mention finishing, I now present: halloween mini-quilts! I'll, ah, keep you posted. But hey, is it just me, or would you have never thought of sewing a zippered pouch this way?


Natalie said...

I can tell we are not going to have a genuine pumpkin patch experience. No hay rides. No corn mazes. No goat feeding. I wish there were a close-by farm to support. I've been collecting a pumpkin here, a pumpkin there. I think I may break-down and buy Indian corn too. My guys too are happy to settle for the simple way... well, on some things!

Felicia said...

Its great that you supported your neighbors with your pumpkin purchase. I'm sure they appreciated it.

That was a groovy tutorial. Thanks for the link. :)

Mary said...

Pumpkin patches are one of my most favourite things in life. Cider or not, those three pumpkins are even sweeter. What a good neighbour you are! Would you look at that, two Canadian spellings in one comment!