Monday, October 1, 2007

Round & round

Friends like to tell me how incongruent it is with the rest of my personality that I love Walt Disney World the way I do, but I feel this photo I took on our last trip goes a long way in explaining. Carousel horses, beautifully designed and maintained, twirling around a backdrop of castle and village, brilliant fairy-tale color everywhere.... Works for me.

I'm trying to catch up on some scrapbooking and so my trip photos are everywhere at the moment. I find I can do only one kind of craft at a time -- my space is either given over to scrapbooking or sewing or quilting or collage-making or whatever; probably both a mental and physical limitation. But I've got to switch over to more sewing soon, what with October here already and Christmas around the corner!

The month of pumpkins. And leaves and soup (not together!) and sweaters and -- oh, I keep forgetting to check when the time changes this year. November 4th, as it turns out. Weird not to make the change before Halloween, but there you go.


Felicia said...

Disney is certainly a beautiful fairy tale. Sometimes we need a little make believe :)

Natalie said...

Ooh me too... it seems utterly in conflict with Me, but I adore Disneyland and I find a great deal of joy and satisfaction in the gardens, music, architecture, colors, *magic,* design, Happy-ness... Disneybliss.
This post assures me we may be kindred spirits. Cheers for this soup and pumpkin, crafty, leafy, creative season. Time change in November? Weird indeed.

tillyboo said...

Hello, I'm a newbie to blogland and only just set mine up so I'm exploring slowly.
I saw your post on 'Imagingermonkey's site so hope you don't mind me taking a peep.
What a wonderful photo. Totally agree. Carousel horses are just so magical. My little girl just loves the 'Galloping Horses' as we call them.
We love horses and when we were at Euro Disney last year, they were our favourite.
My love of horses comes through in what I make, I hope you take a peep.