Monday, November 12, 2007

Actual crafting

I actually made stuff today! Four small zippered bags, three tissue holders. Dean's going to a birthday party soon and the gift has a whole dog theme, so a little zippered doggie bag (for which Dean intends to sew up a dog softie to go inside) seemed just right. The only adjustment I'd make to this tutorial would be to say that you should sew the lining pouch with a larger seam, so that the pouch is less deep (and therefore does not wrinkle at the bottom) than the size of the bag. I can't decide yet if the tissue holders are going to be as useful as I'd hoped, so I may test-drive one for a while before I make any more as gifts. Next I really need to finish up the mini-quilts I've got going, and figure out if there's anything else I particularly need to make in the next month.

Meanwhile, Ken's off again -- Phoenix, this time. Last night I dreamed that his flight was canceled because of torrential rain, but he appears to have gotten off all right and will be in Phoenix at just about the time Dean and I are finishing up story time and heading toward lights out. I'm not as nervous or as stressed this time, which seems good. So far.


jess said...

The zipper bags are cute, I really like the pink one. Thanks for the tip on the transfer paper. I went and picked some up yesterday, it's working really well!
I know what you mean about being frusterated trying to shop China free for Christmas. The only things left on my list are made in China. SO now I'm trying to decide on if I'm going to get them or not...scooters, Twister, CD player, American Girl books. You're right though, it's more important that we're aware and try to make a change. Thank you.

Natalie said...

Ahh... safe flight and return for Ken. The little bags look great... "Actual crafting" is so much harder than you'd think, especially when trying something new... I am looking into the possibilty of finding an alternate time zone, where there are an additional 7 hours a day that are devoted solely to creativity and do not conflict with sleep, chores, errands, homework help, cooking and earning gross quantities of pocket money!