Friday, November 23, 2007


Feeling better; thank you, all, for the support and kind words. Thanksgiving is now under our collective belt (and how!) so we look gleefully ahead now to Christmas.

I bought this book, A Grateful Heart, when Dean was a baby. We use it every holiday or special occasion meal to read out a grace, or blessing. It's a terrific book because it is non-denominational and includes very short, simple pieces with rich meaning that can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Dean was proud to be the reader this year -- I mark in pencil next to each piece with the date we read it and now am marking the reader as well.

Another simple little tradition I undertook before I was married was to use a small, hardcover blank book to record special meals. I write down the date, the guests, the food and wine, the weather. I love being able to look back and remember the year, the meal, by the notes I've taken. It helped Ken prove his point the other day when I commented that "it is so much easier [Thanksgiving] when it is just us" and he said I don't cook any less even when it is 'just us.' Ah, well. Got me there.

I've decided to be less sensitive to perceived criticisms about a simpler, more handmade holiday and am simply going for it. I'd be happy to receive a sweet little doggie ornament like this -- wouldn't you? Once again I see that I don't have it in me for the kind of mass-production required when you sell your work, but I *think* I can get all my little gifts made on time!


Natalie said...

That doggie looks like just the right size to me! I love your meal memory book too... good idea. I am in no position to counsel and comfort on the topic of holiday madness and trying to keep everything simple yet wonderful... let's cheer each other on and accept that our gifts from the heart are most generous.

Anonymous said...

Was just thinking of you and thought that I'd drop by. Your doggie is adorable! Can't seem to shake off a simpler Christmas - Michelle and I now put up six trees! Oh boy...

anyway, lots of love to you and yours -


Felicia said...

What a sweet little doggy. Lets hear it for a handmade holiday!