Monday, November 5, 2007

A month of posts

I've just learned that November is post-something-everyday-on-your-blog month. (Well, officially, "National Blog Posting Month.") Did you know that? I won't be defeated by having just learned this and already being out of compliance -- I'll just forge ahead and see what I can manage.

I truly, deeply dislike Daylight Savings Time, and so am feeling better about everything, now that I've fallen back. Did you see all the reports in the past few days about all the scientific studies supporting the idea that "springing ahead" should be abolished because the human body was simply NOT designed to have twice-yearly tricks played on it to adjust to a new time? That it's typical human hubris to think that we can just arbitrarily set the time, ignoring the body's clock? Yeah, baby. One time, all the time -- that's my story and I'm sticking with it.

The picture up there is from the latest calendar I'm making -- one for Dean, at his very special, ardent, request. He'd asked for one last year, too, but I didn't get to it really mostly because I didn't think a person of his, um, age, would have a great deal of use for a week-by-week calendar. But whether or not he'll use it is, I've realized, not the point. The point is that he values homemade things, enjoys the stuff I make, and wants me to make for him one of what I'm willing to make for other people. Fair enough. I'm lucky to have his encouragement and support and I'm already having a lot of fun with this one.


Lesley (El Zed) said...

Hi Jennifer! 1600 words today and I'm having SO much fun. Thanks for dropping by!

Felicia said...

Daylight Savings Time throws me out of whack every time :)

suzi finer said...

I am so not loving this time change (so late this year!)