Saturday, December 13, 2008

December is not the time....

January, really, is the time to make the commitment to handmade gifts. I was fairly on top of that last year, and more or less worked on projects throughout the year so I had a good stash come December. This year, my desire to give handmade things is no less deep, but I failed to snap in to action early enough. I'm still trying my best, and eyeing the calendar nervously about the number of crafting AND mailing days left until the 25th.

Polar bears have been multiplying around here -- not fast enough, but still. Enough so that I'm out of wool felt and need to get more. (Make that, "nervously eyeing the number of shopping, and crafting, and mailing days left...".)
For scale, although actual size will vary. Mama bears, Papa bears, and baby bears like this one. I've also managed to get some homemade cookies and cds with holiday music selections out and at least one brother already reports happily munching away.

Thanks for the help and advice on placing photos in order in posts. I'm on a Mac, using Firefox, and only sometimes (apparently) using my brain. Oh well.

Have I told you yet that it will just be the three of us here on Christmas day? Turns out Ken's parents felt, after Thanksgiving, that the hour's drive to our house is more than Ken's dad can handle, so we'll be going down there after the holiday to celebrate with them and Ken's brother and significant other. It took us a little while to take this in; Dean was at first not sure how he felt about not having company on the day. But then the thought of a long, leisurely morning to open presents (should Santa be so inclined to leave us some), our traditional breakfast of eggnog french toast eaten without rushing, no need to change out of pajamas, a dinner eaten at dinnertime and not mid-afternoon (leaving mid-afternoon for an array of appetizers -- our most favorite way to lunch), and a dinner of whatever WE want and however deluxe we want it -- all these things started to weigh very much in favor of a Christmas for we three. So relieved I can't even tell you.

All right then. Still have to get ready, though; still lots to do.


Natalie said...

From far away north a parcel arrived!
Thank you for our family of polar bears, who right now are gracing our little tree and making it a beautiful, little tree. Your thoughtfulness and sweet skills have brought Christmas cheer to our home... thank you!!

Lesley said...

I love the sound of your Christmas! All cosy, PJs all day — perfect!
We've had two Christmases without being surrounded by David's family. While we thought they'd be weird at first, and that we'd miss them too much, they were just wonderful as we had more opportunity to relax and enjoy the day together.
Even in friendly families there are occasionally strange dynamics (tensions) and expectations.
I mean, we did miss them, but it was okay to be on our own as well, if you know what I mean!

Chocolate on my Cranium said...

Those polar bears are just adorable!

This will be the first time in several years that it will just be our family for Christmas. We are ALL looking forward to it for many of the same reasons you mentioned. I'd rather spend the holidays with just my own family and then visit extended family at other times when there aren't any holidays so there isn't so much going on.

bethany said...

oh how sweet that lovey little guy is.

and how sweet a chrismas for three can be.. ( I know from experience. It Is Good.)


KristenMary said...

I'm right there with you re: timing of handmade gifts!! I've already written to my sister to announce that she will be getting New Year's gifts. :-p Oh well. I am envious of your cozy Holiday as well, but can understand Dean's hesitation. My holiday will be so fast and furious, I'll need a whole other holiday just to recover! Have a great one!

Linda said...

oh the polar bear is sooooo sweet, I love him, and I think xmas for just the 3 of you sounds delightful!! I really do, I'm sure it will be lovely

Claire Louise Milne said...

Thank you for the lovely comment on my blog!
I love your polar bear, I'm glad you included the picture with your hand because I imagined him much larger.
His coat is so sweet!

Julie said...

What a darling bear! It's so teensy weensy--I'm in awe how you made something so very small and yet so beautifully detailed!