Monday, December 1, 2008


Have you been watching Venus and Jupiter in the night sky? The show will become even more spectacular tonight, when the moon moves into the picture. Last night was stormy, but we had a glorious view of the two planets Saturday night, and it is supposed to clear up here by tonight -- we're hoping for another chance to see everything. I thought this might just be visible in the northern hemisphere, but apparently everyone can see it as some point in the night. Go look!

Biscuit celebrated his first birthday on Saturday with lots of jumping; what's amazing to me is that he can jump that high from a standing-still position (and he can get higher than what he's demonstrating for you here). We did not throw him a party, but we did give him some new toys and a few extra treats. He seemed pretty pleased:

Any ideas on how to slow down time? How can this new month proceed at a dignified pace? I tried to explain to Ken last night -- at this point, it is not about figuring out how to do it all between now and Christmas; it is about figuring out what to drop off the list and what to keep so that we get done what we absolutely need to get done on time. It snowed a little yesterday -- a message from the skies to get moving.


Lesley said...

Biscuit's gorgeous.
My rule for December: do only what you really have to, and then only if you must!

pikkujutut said...

We love your dog! Just so sweet.

In Finland we have a quote: clean your wardropes only if you are going to spend your time inside them..Sound a bit silly in English but hopefully you got the point :).

Did you see Venus,Jupiter and moon? If not, pay a visit...We saw them.

Natalie said...

Please forward all good ideas.
Love Biscuit. The boy can jump!