Friday, December 26, 2008

Flashback Friday, reaching 'Z'

Could be my grandfather Paul as a baby; 1901?
Definitely my dad, tall boy in back, to the left of Santa (as you look at picture), with his cousin Jerry in front of him. Check out the little boy on the far left, being propped up on a man's knees, with that man otherwise hiding under the table. c. 1936

We had a lovely little Christmas and hope that you did, too. Ken says that before I upload any more photos on my computer, I've got to complete a photo back-up so that he can swap in a new hard drive with mega more RAM since I have maxed this puppy out. (More than 7,000 photos in a year? Who knew?) If you have horrific photo file storage habits like me, you know how painful the back-up process is, because you've got oodles of photos with the same digital names assigned to them, so backing up requires naming hundreds (well, okay, even thousands) of pictures. Boy, am I going to turn over a new leaf in this department!

Meanwhile, ABC-Along 2008 comes to a close. I present 'Y' and 'Z,' and I present my utter amazement that I conquered the entire alphabet. Please don't scroll past the z-form entry until you've really tried to see the z, and then go to the bottom if you need help. I admit that this project has me seeing letters where, perhaps, no one else sees them, but maybe that was the beauty of it.
'Y' is for 'yellow.'

Letter form 'Y.'
'Z' is for 'zinnia.'
Letter form 'Z.'

In case you need to see it through my eyes....

Happy Boxing Day!


Natalie said...

I did see it!
Happy Boxing Day, and good luck with your photo back-up plans. We're probably due to do the same thing.
Your collection of vintage, family photographs is lovely and dear... such treasures.

Lynn said...

I saw it at once! :-)

I'm glad your Christmas was merry, Jennifer, and I wish you a wonderful 2009!

pretty essential said...

I saw it - but I was really concentrating! You saw it out there for yourself, just like the rest of the alphabet you managed to find in nature. Well done!

Best wishes from my family to yours at Christmas time.