Monday, July 2, 2007

Best effort?

I guess it's just another in the line of setbacks associated with this project that I can't get this layout to go the way I want it to. Well, just a little more medicine for me. See, I was able to finish my tie one on apron on time. Then, I needed Ken to take photos of me in it, and that film sat in the camera until Saturday morning (6/30) when I realized that I could take the roll in for one-hour developing and still make the deadline for submission (which was Saturday). And I got the pictures and they were not. quite. what. I'd. hoped. for. I realized I should have been more specific with Ken and should have asked that more pictures, at different angles, be taken. I should have re-ironed the apron before putting it on. I should have been more specific about the pocket close-up that I was after (the one, above, is from my scanner). And to be honest, all of that disappointment was wrapped up in feelings that the apron that I loved somehow didn't, when viewed from outside myself, come out the way I'd imagined.

So with my own warped sense of perfection and all, I almost didn't submit it. I knew how good the other aprons would be (just look at any of the past galleries!) and didn't want my pokey, lumpy, wrinkly self up there with the top of my head missing. But I came to my senses, submitted it anyway (here's hoping after all this I made it in time!) and now I'm furthering my own public admission of not-perfect-indeed! by posting the whole business here. And the layout isn't right. Truth is, I still had fun doing this challenge, and I like wearing the apron! And I'm even thinking about the next one (an apron that represents your region/state/town). Maybe.


Felicia said...

I'm glad you did submit it. Its lovely! And whats more, it makes you feel lovely. :)

Amy said...

I love what I see! The fabric with the children is great, so sweet :) Plus, you are smiling like you love it and are owning it...that is best :)

Mary said...

Boy am I glad you submitted this!! Your apron is my favourite of the lot. What a sweet idea you had and I love that picture of you wearing it - it really puts a smile on my face. Cutest pocket ever...really!!